Sermon Quotes: "Living with Limitations"

This quote was cited in the sermon "Living with Limitations" from Ecclesiastes 5:8-7:29 on July 15, 2018.

Men who build empires frequently find themselves holding a grizzly bear by the ears. The more they do, the less they are able to do. The more they amass, the less control they have. Few men have wealth, and even fewer control it when they do . . . A man arrives without possessions and he leaves without possessions. In the interval, while he does have all his stuff, he cannot sleep because he worries about it. What a deal . . . He labored all that while for the whistling wind, working to amass his very own treasury of balloon juice. For that reward, he ate his meals in darkness, suffered his sorrow and wrath, and added it all to his sickness.
— Douglas Wilson, "Joy at the End of the Tether"
Ryan Chase