Sermon Quotes: "Encouragement for Living on Mission"

The following quotes were cited in the November 25th, 2018 sermon from Genesis 46:28-47:31 entitled “Encouragement for Living on Mission”:

Jesus Christ is not the isolated perfect man. Jesus Christ is the new mankind, He is the new Adam, He is the new race of man. And all who are in Him are included in this glorious new dominion. The ruin created by the first Adam is being repaired in the person and work of the second Adam … The world will be subdued under the preaching of the gospel.
— Doug Wilson
The Great Commission is not the process of giving Jesus authority. The Great Commission is the process of declaring the authority that He already possesses, and which He is already wielding.
— Doug Wilson
Dominion is man’s responsibility to subdue the earth for God’s glory.
— David Chilton
Through all the years one increasing purpose runs, one increasing purpose: the kingdoms of the earth become ever more and more the kingdom of our God and His Christ. The process may be slow; the progress may appear to our impatient eyes to lag. But it is God who is building: and under His hands the structure rises as steadily as it does slowly, and in due time the capstone shall be set into its place, and to our astonished eyes shall be revealed nothing less than a saved world.
— B. B. Warfield